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Trick or Treating When You Live on a Houseboat

Oct 17, 2017 | Family Fun on the Lake | 0 comments

Living on a houseboat is not just a leisurely pastime. It’s a way of life to many on Lake Travis — giving way to the peace and solitude far from the day to day hustle and bustle of life in a conventional house or apartment. So, holidays can often times pose a unique challenge.

Nevertheless, this special boating community pulls together to bring out the finest creative and festive minds on Lake Travis. This Halloween, we have set out to show how trick or treating when you live on a houseboat is not for the faint of hearts.

Decorating your houseboat, dock and throwing a Halloween party for the trick or treaters is fun and easy! It’s a great way to bring out the spooks and feed the goblins — small and large alike. All you need are some basic Halloween decorations and a slightly twisted mind.


Lights can range in colors like orange, purple, green and the infamous black. You can string up conventional light strands, use patterned strobe or projection lights with ghosts or skulls, or try a laser light display.

Jack o’lanterns and Cauldrons

Why be normal? Add an element of creepy and evil to your jack o’lanterns and witches cauldrons this year. Keep it safe and fun by using this dry ice trick instead of candles.

Skeletons and Skulls

The possibilities of what you do with skeletons and skulls are simply endless. Pose and hang them in various positions and places. For a party centerpiece, use a skeletons’ chest cavity for food. Complement it with this tasty witches’ brew served up from a cauldron.

Ghastly Props

Pirates, zombies, ghosts and misguided swamp witches are sure to scare the little goblins.

You and family can get into the action with a costume of your own, hiding in the nooks or crannies.

Fog Machine

Add a disturbing feel to your decor with a fog machine! Or, go one step further and opt for a model with which you can use different colors and smells.


No Halloween display is complete without a scary selection of tunes! Try these great picks:

If you don’t own a houseboat to decorate and throw a party, no worries! You can use our VIP Lake Travis houseboat or a party barge rental to throw your own spookfest party on the lake! A creative mind and mischievous demeanor is a terrible thing to waste! Come and join us Halloween night!

Need a little warm up to get the scary juices flowing? Take a peek at The House of Torment just a short drive away in Austin. If you love haunted houses, this award-winning Halloween attraction will make your hair curl.

Additionally, Halloween and fall adventure awaits at nearby Sweetberry Farms in Marble Falls. Down home folk have put together the fun of corn mazes, pumpkin parties, and animals for the kids to pet and learn about. Grab yourself a Sweetberry Farm coupon before you leave!

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