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What Type of Boat Should I Rent?

Sep 3, 2018 | Watercraft & Boat Rentals | 0 comments

No matter your age, Lake Travis is the go-to place for water fun of all types. In fact, the problem is not a shortage of entertainment – but rather which type of watersport your individual preference demands. Selecting the best type of boat rental for your outing can often be overwhelming. But at VIP Marina, we’ve put together this handy little guide to help you live up to your water-loving potential. The key is knowing your skill level, expectations, how many people are in your party and craft limits. The rest is gravy!

Leisure Cruising

  • Pontoons/Tritoons

  • Yachts

  • Houseboats

Speed and Capacity:Comfortably seats between 10 to 18 depending on the craft with up to a moderate 200 hp.

Intentions: Leisure cruising is intended for the ‘relax and chill’ mindset. Basic cruising activity, fishing and swimming are perfect activities for these types of rentals. Select models have towing capabilities for lake toys. Additionally, our Houseboat Rental is the way to go to entertain important guest!

Skill Level: Boat rentals like Pontoons/tritoons, yachts and houseboats can vary in navigation skill level from novice to expert.

Fast and Fun

  • Competition boats

  • Ski boats and Runabouts

Capacity: Competition, ski and runabout boats are able to seat 5 to 15 guests

Intentions: Powerful watercraft built for speed, maneuverability and towing capabilities for wakeboards, skis and tubes. If you’re looking for a wet adrenaline rush, look no further! You can achieve breakneck speeds with maximum fun.

Skill Level: Novice to previous experience required

Splish Splash

  • Jet Skis and Ski Doos

  • Wakeboard Boats

Capacity: Jet Skis and Ski Doos seat a maximum of 2 riders, while Wakeboard boat rentals comfortably seat up to 15 depending on the model.

Intentions: Meant for high-flying speed, skill and tricks found with wakeboarding, tubing, jet skiing. Please note: towing is not permitted with our jet skis and Sea Doos.

Skill Level: Many of our wakeboard boats require wakeboard experience to rental such as the Moomba Mondo , but no all of them. Jet Ski and Sea Doo skill levels are beginner to experienced.

Party Time!

  • Party Barges

  • Pontoons/Tritoons

Capacity: Pontoons and Tritoons can accommodate up to 18 guests while our themed Party Barges provide adequate space for up to 90 people!

Intentions: Pontoons/Tritoons are highly versatile watercraft that not only allows for leisure cruising and towing lake toys, but is an excellent platform for small party gatherings. Party barges on the other hand, are the ultimate party boat! Our party barges are equipped with fuel, crew members, grill and propane, two ice chests, water toys and safety gear. You bring the music, guests, food and drink. We’ll bring the fun.

Skill Level: Novice to intermediate

Selecting the quincentennial boat rental is easy when you know the basics. And our guide and ample parking simplifies the choice for you – leaving more time for fun!

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Note: Boat rental operators must possess a Boater’s Education Certification if you were born on or before September 1, 1993.

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