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When Is The Best Time To Winterize Your Boat?

Oct 3, 2017 | Boat Storage | 0 comments

Shorter days and cooler nights are the tell-tale signs that summer boating season is winding down. Fall will soon be upon us, in all its colorful splendor, as the winter months are quickly approaching us. However, nestled among the tall cliffs, Lake Travis is one of the few lakes that remain active twelve months of the year with die hard boaters braving the cooler water temperatures — keeping the beautiful scenery all to themselves. Although Lake Travis never freezes over, it can get downright frigid during the winter months, reaching a bone-chilling 40°. Thus, begs the question, “when is the best time to winterize your boat?”

The most direct answer would be “the sooner, the better”. Sure, the days and nights are comfy right now, but don’t be fooled into thinking you’ve got plenty of time. During the coming months, the air and water temperatures will begin to plummet much faster — causing significant damage to your boat or personal watercraft if it has not been properly winterized. As with most other seasonal maintenance, there is always a last minute mad rush to your local professional service center. There will inevitably be a last man out left in the cold. Scheduling your boat or PWC winterization service now will ensure your boat has a smooth, safe transition into the winter.

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While winterizing your boat or personal watercraft prepares it for inactive winter months, it also presents the unique opportunity to examine and repair key systems for damage when you have more time on your hands during the off season. It’s a great time to get caught up with those tedious tasks and neglected repairs you have been putting off all year because, well. . .you were having too much fun playing out on the lake. Let’s be honest! But sooner or later, those small trivial repairs and tuneups will get the best of your boat if you continue to let them go to the wayside. Some of these vital areas should include:

  • Hull

  • Head

  • Interior

  • Stern drive

  • Fuel system

  • Bilge Pumps

  • Electrical system

  • In water storage

  • Fresh water system

  • Out of water storage

  • Inboard/outboard engine


This is where investing in a Hydrohoist boat lift can be an invaluable asset to a boat owner. A Hydrohoist boat lift — or Hydroport Extreme for your PWC- – allows easy access to the hull for up close and personal inspection and easy cleaning, and it raises the boat out of the harsh elements of the water.  In addition, a Hydrohoist boat lift can be easily installed into any wet slip, providing for the optimum proper boat stage. It’s a fact that your boat will be the second largest personal investment aside from your home. It only makes sense to protect and maintain it in a timely fashion. Surely, it will reward you with many years of memories and fun with your friends and family.

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