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Ownership Vs Rental: Calculating Boat Costs

Oct 31, 2017 | Watersports | 0 comments

Calculating the costs of boat ownership vs rental each present viable options depending on: your individual budget, the amount of time dedicated to spending on the water, and the type of watercraft you are interested in. To put this in layman’s terms, the end must justify the means.

The Cost and Benefits of Ownership

Let’s calculate the cost of a new 22’ pontoon boat, which is common on the market today and that runs an average of $25,000 for example. If you’re in the market for a new boat, it’s just like a car — the price and options are all dependent on what you’re looking for and what options and upgrades you want — and what you can’t live without. This doesn’t include fuel, licence, registration or 10-15% depreciation.

The Ownership Benefits:

  • No establishment rules

  • Custom options available

  • Unlimited annual boat outings

  • Unlimited time constraints

  • Entertainment of business associates at leisure

  • Entertainment of friends and family at leisure

  • Average life span of a 20+ years (varies on maintenance and owner care)

Buying A Pre-Owned Boat

Not everyone can afford to purchase a new boat, but that certainly does not exclude him or her from boat ownership. The possibility of financing — or a cash/trade pre-owned boat — might be more attainable. You should always explore all options if the ability for recreational time, desire and funds warrant the expense. Optionally, you might be able to purchase a larger and/or fancier pre-owned boat for a lower cost than a new one. Our full service boat brokerage is here to help walk you through the process easily and without a hassle.

The Cost and Benefits of Rentals

Now let’s take a look at the cost of a pontoon rental. For most people going out on the lake, you will be looking at an average of $400 per day — not including fuel. There are nine active boating months in Austin. If you were to rent that pontoon twice per month, you would have spent $7,200 for a year, excluding fuel cost. This is not too far off the cost of purchase, is it? However, remember what I said about the end must justify the means! Take a closer look at why boat rentals still provide all the fun you can handle.

The Cost Effective Benefits:

  • Great for first-timers

  • Perfect for the infrequent boater

  • No expenses for maintenance, repair or storage

  • Gives everyone in the group something different to do  

  • Provides vacation/entertainment for temporary guests

  • Allows you to try different water sports to see if you like them

The Hidden Benefit of Boat Rentals

Rentals are perfect for a “try before you buy” option — allowing you to ascertain the type and brand of boat to suit your needs, without a large contract commitment.

The ability to try out various types of boats or PWC’s before deciding which trips your boating pleasure, is a great way to get your feet wet! We invite you to come out and try our boat rentals at VIP Marina on Lake Travis for yourself! You never know. . . you might end up taking the ownership plunge one day!

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