Should My Boat Trailer be Level?

It’s another gorgeous day for boating on Lake Travis, and I can’t wait to unload the week’s stress off my mind. After I’ve hitched up my new boat and trailer to my truck, I couldn’t help but notice she was sitting a bit on the low side. But I was so anxious to get my...

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What Is A Pump Out After Boating?

Nobody ever wants to talk about the potty business, and boats are no exception to the rule. But if your boat has a holding tank, then the commode discussion is inevitable. In layman’s terms, a pump out simply means to pump out - or empty - your boat’s on-board sewage...

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Ownership Vs Rental: Calculating Boat Costs

Calculating the costs of boat ownership vs rental each present viable options depending on: your individual budget, the amount of time dedicated to spending on the water, and the type of watercraft you are interested in. To put this in layman’s terms, the end must...

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