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Does it Get Too Hot to Boat on Lake Travis in the Summer?

Jul 11, 2017 | Family Fun on the Lake | 0 comments

Summer has graced Lake Travis in all its glory with sunny days that are hot as Hades with stifling sticky humidity. The natives know what we’re talking about – you take a shower to cool down and wash off the sweat only to walk outside feeling like you’re wet from the shower all over again! It’s the type of heat and humidity only a southerner would understand. But does it get too hot to boat on Lake Travis in the Summer?

Overly hot summer days could not be a more perfect time to enjoy the cool waters of Lake Travis. The average high temperature in the summer is between 91° – 96°, but the water temperature of Lake Travis is 80°- 86°. That’s as warm as the Atlantic Ocean on Miami Beach in August. Don’t let heat stop you from living the good life! Get up off that couch and put your boat in the water!

Boating on Lake Travis to beat the heat can be downright crazy fun and the possibilities are limitless. There’s something for everyone’s style. Swimming and snorkeling, pontoon cruising and hair-raising watersport stunts, and – we don’t care what anyone says – it’s NEVER too hot to fish! You don’t own a boat? No sweat! VIP Lake Travis boat rental has a wide variety of watercrafts to choose from – opening up your world to a new level of water fun.

If you’re the high speed thrill seeker that lives to push the limits, then watersports like wakeboarding, skiing and jet skiing are the ideal choice. Tricking out on the lake is exhilarating, impresses the ladies and gents while getting totally soaking wet. Not a big on tricks but like the speed? Plop-a-spot on a tube being towed behind a Runabout/Wakeboard boat and hit those wakes. Gather all your friends/family to hook up for a party barge rental at VIP Marina. You bring the food and beverages, ice and tunes, and we’ll provide all the wet and wild fun you can handle. If that fails to cool you off, then it’s time to throw in the towel!

While you’re on the lake chilling out, keep in mind the effects of the sun’s UVB rays are amplified by water. It’s easy to get lost in the cool fun and breeze. Before you know it, you’ve turned into a lobster. Sporting a deep rich suntan is beautiful indeed, but Rome was not created in a day. And neither is suntan. Apply the proper SPF sunscreen liberally and frequently.

⁓ Tip: You skin continues to burn 4 hours after leaving the sunlight! 

It is equally important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Alcoholic beverages and sodas are fine in moderation. But your body requires you drink plenty of fresh water to replenish fluids. Learn the warning signs here, and how to prevent and react in the event tragedy strikes. Understand childrenelderly and pets are extremely susceptible to these dangers.