Houseboat Rentals

Southern Riviera – check out our Houseboat charter page for one of the Premier Houseboats on Lake Travis
  • Luxury – Our houseboats are the ultimate in luxury. Big screen TVs, glorious master suites, multiple decks, comfortable quarters and more.  These houseboats are the equivalent of floating Cadillacs. The competition might have houseboats too, but none this nice! We could go on and on about all of the great features our houseboats have to offer, or you could just come on over and see for yourself!
  • VIP treatment – We put the VIP in our name because you deserve nothing less. Whether you want a houseboat for an afternoon, a weekend, a week, or more, the fact of the matter is that you are our guest and Austin is nothing if it is not a city famous for how it treats its guests. We are Austin-based and Austin-owned, not the product of some huge mega-corporation that only cares about the bottom line, and we show it in how we treat our customers.
  • All-inclusive – Other houseboat rental services like to nickle and dime customers to death, but not us. We like doing business the old-fashioned way: up-front and honest. If you rent one of our houseboats then we know full well that you want safety gear and don’t charge you extra for it like some of the other houseboat rentals on Lake Travis.

Get ready to slide into the lake!
Southern Riviera Pricing Totals

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