Boat Slips

VIP Marina Boat slip on lake travis austin View of the covered boat slips on “B” Dock.

VIP Marina has amazing slips that are some of the best on Lake Travis. Many Austin locals choose our slips because of the variety, but there are many other reasons to like our slips:

  • Protection from the sun – With 140 covered slips and approximately 20-non covered slips, VIP Marina has some of the best covered docks on Lake Travis. Why is this important? Because anyone who lives in Austin knows what that hot Texas sun will do to anything left uncovered.
  • Our dock facility is located on an exceptionally deep part of Lake Travis. This means that when the water levels drop, our docks do not need to be disconnected from land and floated out into Lake Travis like the other guys’ docks.  Detached docks generally lack power, security, and other utilities.
  • Security – Our docks are frequently patrolled by security and we have a sense of community here that you won’t find at other docks. This sense of community ensures that anyone in a slip near yours probably knows you well, and you probably know them well. Together we can make our docks a very safe place just like good neighbors should.
  • Variety – Almost any boat will fit in our wonderful docks.  With so many varieties to choose from, you can’t go wrong:
    • 10ft x 24ft
    • 12ft  x 30ft
    • 14ft x 36ft
    • 16ft x 40ft
  • Wide concrete walkways and fingers – Four and eight foot walkways and two foot fingers make our class A powerboat facility a cut above the competition.  You don’t need to worry about falling off our docks or inching by someone else, or breaking through our docks since they are 100% solid concrete and not comprised of rickety old wooden planks.
Lake Travis Boat Docks VIP Marina can accommodate boats of all sizes.
VIP Marina Boat Slips View of Lake Travis from “D” Dock.

We are proud to provide the best possible service to our customers that is why we have partnered with these great companies.